Lenz wind turbine

Lenzova turbína patří do skupiny vertikálních všesměrových turbín a svojí konstrukcí silně připomíná darrieusovu větrnou turbínu s “vydlabaným” vnitřkem křídla. Je patrné, že autor zkouší spojit dva základní principy, totiž odporový Read more

Archimedes wind turbine

Odporová turbína s horizontálně orientovanou osou rotace. Efektně vypadající větrná turbína se názvem odkazuje na geometrické konstrukce matematika a fyzika ze Syrakus, Archiméda. Profilací vychází z ulity měkkýšů a plžů, Read more

Solar air heating

If you need to get your bearings in the issue of heating the house, offices but also industrial hall air by using solar energy, this book is just for you. No unnecessary sauce, lots of practical descriptions of specific solutions, including examples from practice. Graphs of efficiency, energy balance, storage of thermal energy. Simply complex assembly technology for solar heating air.

Terracotta (ceramic) cooler

Evaporative cooling of water from the surface of the ceramic material known as terracotta (terracotta). Water absorption terracotta keeps the material constantly moist. This property is used to cool the rooms.

Photovoltaic cell and panel

Direct conversion of solar energy into electrical energy. The amazing invention known throughout the world, which we find on the roof of the most modern buildings of the world, even in remote indigenous village in the middle of the jungle. How to in Read more

Mashrabyia – cooling niche

Mashrabiya was, and still is, a popular construction element of the urban multi-storey houses in the Middle and the Middle east, or North Africa. It's about the niche in the first and higher floor Read more

Darrieus wind turbine

Buoyancy vertical omnidirectional turbine. Buoyancy means that revolves thanks to the difference in pressure between the two sides of the driving blades. Vertical indicates the deposit of its rotational axis perpendicular to the surface, what makes it even Read more

Solar stone bed

Solar stone bed is the way of storing the energy of the Sun into the stone under the slogan: "What I store during the day will keep me warm in the evening."

Socrates ' solar house

Already the ancient Greeks didn't want in their homes in the winter freezing and summer boil. Therefore, devising solutions for its time very progressive. At present, many architects are turning to Read more