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All organic matter on the planet, therefore, the bodies of plants, animals, algae, fungi, bacteria and more.
A field of study examining the relationships between organisms and the environment they inhabit. The tca definition: "Ecology is the scientific study of the processes regulating the distribution and / or organisms and their mutual relations, and the study of how these organisms on the contrary mediate the transport and transformation of energy and matter in the biosphere (primarily the study of the structure and function of ecosystems)." "Research on where organisms are found, how many are there and why."
Radiation. Thermal radiation is heat radiation.
Flow. Thermal convection is the spread of heat by convection (moving air)
Energy Scavening
Mining energy (alternatively, Energy Harvesting) = the Way of getting the energy from the available the surrounding energy sources for the activity of energy-a little challenging devices (e.g. sensors). It uses the temperature difference between the device and the surrounding area (e.g. mikrogenerátor on the heater), pressure differences, and vibration, fluid flow, human activities, bioenergy...


Showing 5 most recent names in this directory
Archimedes Spiral Wind Turbine. Archimédova větrná turbína. Směrová odporová turbína.

Compressed Air Energy Storage – Uskladnění energie ve stlačeném vzduchu.

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine – Wind turbine with vertical axis (vertical wind turbine)

Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine – Wind turbine with a horizontal axis (horizontal wind turbine)

Negative emission technology (Negative emission solutions) – Technology (solution), which reduces the the content of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.