Energy self-sufficient house – reality or fiction?

In this book you find the basic principles of energy self-sufficiency of the family house. It deals with the analysis of the energy balance as the basic tools for the design of the energy of the house, whether it's a new building or a renovation. Here is discussed in, what can be done to the house was on conventional sources of energy in the least addicted to.

Small wind turbine

Detailed instructions on the domestic construction of the propeller wind turbines with a diameter of 2.2 meters and a power of 300W. The book contains the theory, technical drawings and a detailed description of the electrical parts.

Evaporative cooler

Wind, water, evaporizér! Do you know the pleasant coolness in the summer wet t-shirt and a wind? The water from the t-shirts evaporates and you just have felt the effect of an evaporative cooler. Device Read more