Parabolic solar cooker

The folding parabola with leaves decomposing like the petals of daisies. Or also a futuristic tube with a reflecting surface, into which you put the raw meat and pull the finished steak. Such are the form of Sunlight, or solar cookers.

The solar cooker has become the cheap way of heating, cooking and baking, or pasteurization of water especially in the developing countries, because the device it is possible to build yourself even from old scrap. Does not consume any fuel, and if you can be sure that at least two, three hours a day the Sun shines, you will have a day of cooked food and water free of pathogens. In areas where it is consuming or otherwise disadvantageous to introduce electricity and it is devastating to cook on the local wood, dried feces, grass and anything that can burn is a solar cooker a blessing for people and nature

Solar cooker also arrived in the industrially developed countries and has become a picnic pastime. Offer solar grills and travel ovens extends for the Czech market.

The principle can be solar cookers divided into direct and indirect heating. Direct have concentric focal point in the point, where is placed the container on the cooking, baking. Indirect are in the focus of the set thermal obsorbér with fluid, which, after heat transports the heat to the space for heating food.

Different shapes of the reflective surface

According to the shape of the reflective surface is often found with the following principles:

  • a parabolic shape (circular, square, rectangular...) concentrating rays into a single point

  • the parabolic shape of concentrating rays into the line

  • several of flat reflective surfaces writing to a single point, or line.


On the reflective surface with a reflective material or coating capable of reflecting the sun's rays, turns out the solar radiation. Parabolic shape, or system of the flat surfaces of the solar rays is directed into one center, where it is placed either a vessel for heating, hotplate, or closed tube serving as a baking oven. In the case of indirect heating is at the center mounted tank heating heating media.


The energy of the Sun from reflective surfaces concentrated on a small area – the focal point, intended for heating. The biggest secret is the ideal shape of the reflecting surface. Perfectly applying the shape of the parabolic antenna. Therefore, it is also possible to often see bizarre weldments tubes with an old satellite dish which has a place receiver hotplate for cooking.

However, it is not possible to point the solar cooker at the Sun and think that will be brewed. The device should be directed perpendicular to the rays of the sun, because otherwise the focus finds himself outside a space for cooking. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to slightly change the direction of the solar cookers.


  • Energy completely free, and if it is really sunny day, just you can do lunch with afternoon tea

  • excellent entertainment in the solar barbecue, just a barbecue shall not go after sunset


  • when the sky they see clouds, or even it does, nedovaříte


Who wants to try the taste of the dishes prepared on the sun's rays, must certainly this device a try. For us, perhaps, an excellent source of entertainment, it is in many countries one of the few options as you prepare edible food and pitelnou water.

Personally, I estimate that in our lands waiting for this amazing device bright future whether in the form of fashion barbecue fad, or even a new style of his country cottage and camping. We'll see. 

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