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Vertikální všesměrová turbína

Spinning polamu, but surely! It is at the hobby shop is very popular thanks to the simple design, the use of commonly available materials, and last but not least, for your easy to understand the principle. Also leaves considerable space Read more

Větrná elektrárna v podmínkách ČR

What questions to ask, if we want to successfully operate the wind turbines in the us in the Czech republic.

Odpařovací chladič

Wind, water, evaporizér! Do you know the pleasant coolness in the summer wet t-shirt and a wind? The water from the t-shirts evaporates and you just have felt the effect of an evaporative cooler. Device Read more

Větrná turbína – základní rozdělení

Let it go! A device for converting wind energy to kinetic energy. This is either used for cyclic movement as is the case with the pump on the water, the older the water mills, hammer mills... Current Read more

Geotermální tunel

Bury the pipe and you'll see. It is possible to use the energy, which is located just a few meters below the surface of the heating, cooling? Of course, heat pumps ground water used this possibility. But it is possible Read more

Solární komín

Why would the Sun not cool? Use a chimney to ventilate is certainly not a novelty. Use the chimney to the cooling is quite an interesting feat. Solar chimney increases the energy of the Sun to move the chimney.