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Teplovzdušný solární panel – Morseho stěna

We will focus on the invention, which became the springboard for the Trombe wall and in the currently experiencing a renaissance, though it is still in the shadow of the more popular solar water heating. We'll be the Sun to warm the air.

Trombeho stěna

Popular, timeless, simple and fairly inexpensive. It might sound a brief characteristic of the passive tempering rooms the energy of the Sun using a trombe wall.

Větrem poháněný ohřev vířivými proudy

The name refers to the wind turbine rotating permanent magnet stored in a hollow cylinder filled with fluid, which in this way we are trying to warm up. The whole magic is on the eddy currents, also referred to as Foucaultův Read more

Parabolický sluneční vařič

The folding parabola with leaves decomposing like the petals of daisies. Or also a futuristic tube with a reflecting surface, into which you put the raw meat and pull the finished steak. Such are the forms of Solar, Read more

Tepelný generátor poháněný větrnou turbínou na principu Jouleova stroje

Wind turbines are frequently used to generate electrical energy. The following thermal-wind generator changes the energy of the wind to heat energy and heats up the heating water. This uses the principle of the so-called Joule apparatus originally Read more

Termoelektrický generátor

The production of electricity by conversion of heat differences to electric current. The principle of Peltier cells, which are widely used for cooling, finds application as a thermoelectric generator. Just make different temperatures on the two surfaces Read more

Pískové úložiště energie

Sand is a suitable material for energy storage? When, after a sunny day we'll come to the beach at night and get our hands in the sand, will be tepid. In our country must do a children's sandbox Read more

Savoniova větrná turbína

A genius, a widespread turbine bearing the name of its inventor, can benefit the energy of the wind from the low speed and at the same time, it is structurally very simple and the final product from a variety of materials.

Domácí bioplynová stanice

Biogas plant at home in the backyard? Many agricultural cooperatives has today in the premises of the biogas station. The idea of home bioplynky in this context is somewhat surprising. Yet, in countries in Asia and Africa small Read more

Kompostový ohřívač vody

All lies! Why we neohřáli a little bit of water. Every experienced gardeners has in the garden compost, where it stores the plant surplus from the garden. In addition to the quality of humus, however we can from the compost pile to get Read more