Solar stone bed

Solar stone bed is the way of storing the energy of the Sun into the stone under the slogan: "What I store during the day will keep me warm in the evening."

Heated room stone bed - the basic principle of

Zařízení zachytává tepelnou energii Slunce zahříváním vzduchu a kamene umístěného v uzavřeném prostředí kompaktního „skleníku“ přisedlého ke stěně domu. Skleník je situovaný na úrovni, nebo pod úrovni floor heated room. In the day the heat is stored in the masses of stone to night, this heat natural convection ohřívalo room. It's a closed cycle of air flow.

For the back wall of the greenhouse is often used the foundations of a house, saving for the material. The remaining walls are dobetonované, where appropriate, separate from the vicinity of the barrier from a durable material that should be at the same time, a good heat insulator. 

The ideal location of a solar stone of the bed is on the south side of the house, it is also possible to install on the southwest, the south-east. Another option is the location of the stone bed on the south side and haul the heat to the rooms, which directly are not adjacent to the bed forced circulation fan mounted in the ductwork.

The basic principle of the stone bed

The outer stones during sunny weather heats up and accumulate heat the most. At the same time heats the air in the greenhouse and leads to the transfer of thermal energy to the other, from the Sun covered rocks. Glass, under which the stones set, preventing the back leakage of heat into the surroundings and at the same time too does not prevent the penetration of the sun's rays on the surface of stones. Heat insulator should be even the walls and the bottom of the greenhouse. 

Scholarly articles dealing with finding the ideal calorific stone and in addition to type of stone, addresses and grain size, shape and colour. They are definitely some of the stones more ideal and the other less. Dark matte stones, for example, reflected less sunlight and thus more heat will devour.

More giveaway so-called the specific heat capacity of the rock.

For the needs of home diy structures are not the values of the thermal accumulation of the stone so critical, as it is crucial the availability of the material and, above all, the acquisition price. Also for the accumulation of heat explores the use of old residues of concrete, masonry and other old construction material, or need the iron waste. But due to the fact that this material pass through the air, that we emit into the living room, is definitely not a good use of dusty and non-objectionable material. So, scrap and remnants of concrete from the rubble will not be a good choice.

The accumulated heat then we will use for the evening warming the room. It is possible to take advantage of the natural circulation of the air, when the opening of the duct between the greenhouse and the room flows into the colder the room the accumulated heat. At the end of the room, closer to the center of the house, is near the floor is located the hole, laying out of the room draws cooler air into the space of the stone bed. And, again, a flowing cool air takes heat from the of toasted sliced stones and progresses into the room, which uhřívá.

The fan located on the air outlet from the stone bed in the room help you better air circulation. But it is also necessary to count with an increase in the dust, because dust is scum and it has a tendency to get everywhere. The stone bed with an overview can be the appropriate space for storing the impurities. Another danger is the emergence of the fungus in the stone bed, and their dissemination into the rooms. Therefore, it wasn't from the things to equip the air intake filter small particles.

Another variant – the collector is separated from the stone bed

Technical option is definitely more and the typical character for another type of structure is separate heating surface from the storage space with stones. Carrier heat medium is once again the air, that with the sun's rays heated in the collector and the heated air is then passes through the rocks, which transmit the thermal energy.

It is possible to build a structure with a simple circuit, where it behind you involved collector, stone bed, then the battery, and the heated room.

There are two circuits. The first circle is the solar collector and the stone bed. The second circuit stone bed and the heated room.

the accumulation of heat during the day
evening heated

Solar collector can be Convection solar collector (panel) – more in the article Morse solar panel . Or even simpler variants, example number connected in parallel of the black pipes.

The slope of the walls of the greenhouse (the windshield), or the panel should roughly correspond to the usages of the ideal angle photovoltaic and thermal panels. For the CZECH republic is roughly 30° to see. The optimal orientation of the...

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