Green facade– natural shield against overheating the house

I'm sure you've already seen houses with walls overgrown with the vegetation. Above all, such a house has a nice view. The green color is soothing. The house is also more involved in the immediate vicinity and resonate with lawn, hedge or trees in the street. Green facade also has other, more hidden function. She can quite effectively prevent the overheating the house in the hot summer months.

zelená fasáda na českém domě
The type-it is possible to divide the green facades on:
  • Self-tightening
  • Thrusting with the support of the
  • The seasoning in containers
  • System wall
  • Overhanging

Self-tightening – Plants do not need support for its growth upward and spices out of the country. This is the easiest and the most natural way of greening of the facade. The selection of suitable plants is limited here, because we need plants that good spices, are growing rapidly and have příchyty, which will keep the plant and at the same time do not harm the the wall. I should mention that different plants have different strategies, the way in which "holds" foothold. Some they attach themselves by the roots, and others use a clip pads, another form stolons ....

PTighteninge with the support of the – Plants need support for your growth after the wall of the house. The most commonly used structure of wood, metal, mesh (trellises). Spices, plants of the country. Every design needs a fix, which means anchoring into the wall of the house. The design won't last forever, therefore, it is preferable to choose a more durable materials. Even the climbing plant can design disrupt, or even destroy it.

The seasoning in containers (flower boxes) – Spices, plants in hanging containers on the facade of the house, and/ or stationed in the country. This method is used in the home, which either do not allow rooting in the natural soil (to the wall of the house must be adjacent paved sidewalk). It is also preferable to the greening of the high-rise buildings, because it allows the growth of plants in several floors at the same time. If containers are anchored directly to the wall, are a burden on the construction of the wall, which can lead to damage to the masonry. Therefore, the method is applied mainly in new buildings, where there is already calculated with the cultivation vessels or for vessels build a self-supporting structure adjacent to the wall of the house.

Overhanging – Another possibility is to use převislého vegetation, which tends to rob and have a de-facto the root ball higher than the rest of the plants. But with this option in our country doesn't count for much.

Imaginary winner is samopnoucí green wall

This wall is the imaginary winner in all categories corresponding to the landlord (amateur) approach to build a green facade. It is the easiest, cheapest, easy to take care of her, and also reduces the risk of financial loss in the event of any production failures. Let's focus now purely on the group samopnoucích green facades.

First, it must be remembered that, according to the strategy we divide the plants on the ever-green and deciduous. With regard to the applicability in conditions of the CZECH republic the following options are available.

Withtale greens – it is possible to plant very durable ivy Hedera Helix, or select Hedera Colchicawhich has larger leaves, but it is much more susceptible to frost. The ivy to the climbing wall, the cursor is fixed small branched roots, which can extend the substrate and thus disrupt the plaster (top material) walls. This property is a common reason why ivy uses limited for the construction.

Aboutpadavé – the best and actually the only plant that doesn't need a foothold is Přísavník trojlaločný (Parthenocissus tricuspidata), where the cultivar Veitchii is ideálnějším solution, in the CZECH republic, also known under the name woodbine, whether or not přísavník, or dog wine. Přísavník to the wall of the cursor is fixed suction cups, which do not harm the substrate. Přísavník compared to the ivy is growing rapidly.

Another option is to Přísavník pětilistý (Parthenocissus quinquefolia) That until recently belonged to the plants, which to his tensions in need of supportive design. Although he was able to pnout spontaneously, but it can be relatively easy to break away from the substrate. With new cultivars, the producers promise to improve retaining properties.

In deciduous plants is a concern in addition digging up the fallen leaves. On the other hand, is the house in the spring bright zelenkavý, in the summer dark green, in autumn plays with all the colors and in the winter revealed the structure of the branches creates a fascinating tangle.

As we see, the selection of plants is not wide. We are located in the temperate zone and the plants must withstand the extremes of both sides, thus the hot summer days and chilly winter. Some of the Czech articles drawn from foreign sources, and often the authors do not realize that climbing plant cultivated in Indonesia our climatic conditions will survive. Therefore, it is necessary to take these articles with care.

The above mentioned plants do not need a foothold, therefore design, after which pnuli – often referred to as treláž.

Green facade as a shield against the overheating of the interior

As soon as the plants cover the greater part of the house, or at least the Sun or the wall, to rise in the house and the immediate surrounding walls of the air humidity on the more enjoyable values. 

Plants to further expose the surface of their leaves to the sun's rays and casting a shadow on part of the wall behind a wall of plants. This is cooler than the part of the neporostlé walls. Green facade "breathes" and it works even exchange the air in the space between the wall and the popínavým plants. 

Maintenance of green walls

A green facade is a maintenance free, yet sometimes needs to change the gardening intervention. Generally twice a year it is necessary to trim the sprawling vines in building openings (windows, doors, outlet vent, parapets, and wherever we desire the presence of plants.

The facade will become the home of many insect species, therefore, you no longer have to build insect hotels. Count with the fact that you, in the bowels of the green facade of the nests of smaller birds.


A green facade is beautiful. Of the house makes living structure, captures a considerable amount of airborne dust, maintaining a comfortable humidity in the house and its surroundings. Acts as thermal insulation against overheating of the interior and also oxygenates your surroundings. 

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