Photovoltaic cell and panel

Direct conversion of solar energy into electrical energy. The amazing invention known throughout the world, which we find on the roof of the most modern buildings of the world, even in remote indigenous village in the middle of the jungle. How to in Read more

Solar stone bed

Solar stone bed is the way of storing the energy of the Sun into the stone under the slogan: "What I store during the day will keep me warm in the evening."

Socrates ' solar house

Already the ancient Greeks didn't want in their homes in the winter freezing and summer boil. Therefore, devising solutions for its time very progressive. At present, many architects are turning to Read more

Convection solar panel – Morse wall

We will focus on the invention, which became the springboard for the Trombe wall and in the currently experiencing a renaissance, though it is still in the shadow of the more popular solar water heating. We'll be the Sun to warm the air.

Trombe wall

Popular, timeless, simple and fairly inexpensive. It might sound a brief characteristic of the passive tempering rooms the energy of the Sun using a trombe wall.

Parabolic solar cooker

The folding parabola with leaves decomposing like the petals of daisies. Or also a futuristic tube with a reflecting surface, into which you put the raw meat and pull the finished steak. Such are the forms of Solar, Read more

Thermoelectric generator

The production of electricity by conversion of heat differences to electric current. The principle of Peltier cells, which are widely used for cooling, finds application as a thermoelectric generator. Just make different temperatures on the two surfaces Read more

Solar chimney

Why would the Sun not cool? Use a chimney to ventilate is certainly not a novelty. Use the chimney to the cooling is quite an interesting feat. Solar chimney increases the energy of the Sun to move the chimney.